Revision History 3.0
Johnny DeKam

`Revision History` is a networked collage application written by johnny deKam that autonomously downloads and composites images from the American Memory Collections Database with various raster effects.

The National Digital Library Program is an effort to digitize and deliver electronically the distinctive, historical Americana holdings at the Library of Congress. The American Memory Historical Collections, major component of the Library’s National Digital Library Program, are multimedia collections of digitized documents, photographs, recorded sound, moving pictures, and text from the Library’s Americana collections. There are currently 80 collections containing over one million documents in the American Memory Digital Library.

By tapping into the Library's Digital Americana assets, the Revision History application enables users to observe as these historical documents are endlessly juxtaposed and decimated. These "revised" historical images can then be saved to the user's storage disk, or autonomously uploaded to a web server ( ) for public display. The Revision History software is being further developed to include the 'revising' of the library's texts, sounds and video holdings, so that a completely alternate and parallel version of the Library's web site may be created.

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keywords: data-deconstructive-design-algorithmic-process-
authorship-realtime-remix-imagery-recontextualize software for mac
category: data transformation/data collage
uploaded by deKam, 19 Feb 2003

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