Schalalala - a fan scarf remix project
Rüdiger Schlömer, Jan Lindenberg

"Schalalala" is an experimental remix project on the basis of fan-scarfs. The basic idea is to misuse the fan-scarf as a communication medium, recombining existing scarfs into new statements and therefore enabling the fans to active wording.
The project name refers to its character and structural relations ("Schal" is German for scarf), which go from playful-musical to humourous-subversive usage of textual raw material, as in Cut-Up or Dada. The possibility of smuggling critical messages into the stadium public enables further hacktivism strategies.

"Schalalala" bridges traditional lowfi/craft techniques with digital thinking. One central element of the project is an online remix-interface, on which you can donate pictures of our own scarf, remix a new one and eventually download a pattern to knit your virtual scarf into the real world.

A hybrid of conceptual fashion brand and open source project, "Schalalala" started during the Soccer World Cup 2006 as an online project and a knitting workshop. Several contributions have been knitted since.

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keywords: dada-interface-deconstructive-messaging-remix-
craft-knitting software for the Internet
category: social software
uploaded by rs, 31 May 2007

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