dramatic screensaver
Teo Spiller

A Delphi written screensaver for Windows 9x, that is "selfcountioned of itself". It says "if you move your mouse or press a key, you will kill me. There will be another screensavers, looking just like me, but it won't be myself". As a program runs, we call it "a job" and we can "kill" it. Is a program, as we "killed" just going to sleep or did we really kill it and the next time we will run the "clone" of it? What is a difference between the "original" and the clone? If I die, could one do a clone with my own countiones, so I will keep living or will that be another person? This simple screensaver opens those and similar questions.

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keywords: trivial-screensaver-performance-live-cute-
talking-poetry-minimalistic-friendly-consciousness software for windows
category: artificial intelligence
uploaded by teo spiller, 10 Feb 2003

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