Rob Myers

draw-something is a program that generates original drawings. It does
so by generating a simple random polyline scribble then drawing
around that using a simple maze-running algorithm. This procedure was
chosen as the simplest behaviour that models the creative process of
drawing as either sketching or drafting. The program is written in
Lisp. Its source code is Free Software and is available from

These choices were inspired by Harold Cohen's drawing program AARON.
Its drawing behaviour and the choice of Lisp as implementation
language were inspired by some versions of AARON. Although he has
written essays describing AARON's algorithms Harold Cohen has not
made AARON's code public. My desire to see AARON's code, or the code
of an AARON-like system, motivated me to write draw-something and to
make it Free Software.

draw-something makes images in a different style from AARON and over
time it will be extended to have more, and different, features. A
current version does simple colour, and I am working on more complex
guide shapes. I exhibited a screen-based version of draw-something at
my show in Gallery o3one in Belgrade (alongside some prints from the
colour version) and at dorkbot London in 2005.

Please read this disclaimer before downloading

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project homepage: http://rob-art.sourceforge.net/
keywords: abstract-aesthetics-algorithmic-lisp-code
category: generative art/algorithmic image
uploaded by Rob, 08 Dec 2005

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