Real Time Image Generator Programs
Bogdan Soban

This is one example of generative art designed program in Visual Basic developed in the year 2004. It contains the great part of algorithms used in different smaller programs developed before and it represents a kind of summary of my project until this moment. Generally it generates absolutely abstract pictures with some exceptions that remember to the real world: landscapes, plants, sunsets, water etc. You are free to download and to run the program in your computer or to publish its results in any media with the purpose of generative art promotion only, indicating the author of the program. The results of the programs are under the copyright protection and can't be used for commercial purposed. I wish you to enjoy in creating unpredictable and never repeatable images. For more information about generative art approach visit other pages of my web site and feel free to contact me.

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keywords: algorithmic-mathematical-generative-code-realtime-
category: generative art/algorithmic image
uploaded by bobo, 10 May 2005

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