Google Groups Art
Paul, Tim Flaherty, Nathan McCoy, Stuart Langridge

Google Groups Art (sometimes called "Google Art") is a hack that uses/abuses the fact that Google Groups color-highlights searchterm queries within Usenet posts it displays. The result is that color images are generated within the Google Groups (Usenet) posts themselves. Google Art first surfaced in summer 2002.

When making Google Art, you post to Usenet entirely in plain ASCII text, replacing intended blocks of color with the ASCII characters of your choice. You then indicate within your post the search queries (and their order) for which users should search Google in order to see the post appear in the proper colors. (This will probably make more sense once you look at the examples below.)

The software download link presented here will take you to a utility created by Stuart Langridge that lets you automatically generate ASCII text for your own Google Art post. However, the software art project of primary interest to this submitter is the Google Art hack itself. Some examples:



spam art


feature about this project: Google Groups Art

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keywords: obfuscated-hackerly-cute-html-goofy-
abuse-Google software for the Internet
category: digital folk and artisanship/ascii art
uploaded by amy, 01 Jan 2003

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