The Market-O-Matic (1.0) [fine arts version]
Curt Cloninger

Tired of racking your brain trying to squeeze out yet another artist's statement extolling the unique virtues of your latest joint? Do you lapse into fits of involuntary muscle spasms every time you hear the word "immersive" in casual conversation? Then search no further -- The Market-O-Matic (1.0) [fine arts version] is here! Just fill in the blanks below, hit the "Crank Out the Crap" button, email the results to your nearest digital arts festival jury panel, then sit back and enjoy a well-earned coffee break! The Market-O-Matic (1.0) [fine arts version] -- pimping yourself to the self-referential digital arts community has never been so easy!*

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keywords: ironic-plagiaristic-subversive-automation-templates-
category: institutional critique
uploaded by alexei, 04 Mar 2003

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