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micromusic was brought to life in november 1998 by carl (gino esposto, zurich - switzerland) and superB (michael burkhardt, basel - schweiz) under the code name "futurelab". the following months were used to define the project, program and finally put the website online in the beginning of august 1999.

what was originally thought as a simple community website to get hold of low_tech_musik produced by low_tech_producerz for lovers of computer generated tunes via the worldwideweb was developing fast into a highly complex websound_community_system using the latest internet technology.

basically "musical research" is the most accurate description of the micromusic.net activities. even though music produced on low_budget equipment and retro computer games sounds was the focus at the beginning of the micromusic project we always had far more in our minds than that. the internet is still in its first years and topics like how to build up 'special_interest_communities', advanced realtime communication tools and highly optimized interface design were also quite important to us.

the micromusic crew realised a multimedia_website which is unique on the worldwideweb within less than 2 years. the very active and rockin' micro_community counts almost 3000 people now and the quality of the uploaded lowtech_tunes has reached a level which defines a new standard in the territory of low_tech music and online music communities.

project homepage: http://www.micromusic.net
keywords: interface-database-efficient-audiovisual-lowtech-
positive-friendly-community-musical-countercultural software for the Internet
category: software cultures - links
uploaded by alexei, 26 Apr 2003

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