jo walsh

OuLiBOT looks like an artistic personal search engine. It has a webserver and many IRC clients, which talk to each other in a babbling backbrain irc channel. its cut-up style pronouncements are inspired by the work of the OuLiPo movement on text generation/constraint.

the code was originally written for a collaborative commission between jo walsh and jeff instone for the generator exhibition in exeter - http://generative.net/generator/

this tarball represents a development snapshot which includes framework code for the development of bots for the semantic web; it should be easy for anyone with reasonable perl knowledge to drop in new sub-bots, new search engines and sources into the conversational brain.

Please read this disclaimer before downloading

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project homepage: http://frot.org/oulibot/
keywords: perl-irc-semantic-robot
category: bots and agents
uploaded by zooleika, 01 Jan 2003

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