Percussionist's Diary
Andreja Andric

Percussionist's Diary is a program for MS-DOS/Windows that generates percussion improvisations in MIDI format. The titles of the pieces are chosen like in a diary: date and time of the moment of creation. The mood, tonality and instrumentation changes from piece to piece, thus forming a unique contrasting cycle of pieces. The MIDI instruments involved are: Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Marimba, Xylophone, Tubular bells, Timpani, Metalic pad, Steel drums, Wood block, Talko drum and Melodic drum. No input is required. Just start the program and it will create a MIDI file with a new improvisation. Use any media player that supports MIDI (for example Windows Media Player v5 and v9, Winamp v2 and v3), to hear the music files.
The work explores the relationship between utilitarian and artistic, machinic/anonymous and human, through
the realized program and a number of generated compositions.

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keywords: sound-algorithmic-c-generative-MIDI-
category: generative art/algorithmic audio
uploaded by Andreja Andric, 31 Dec 2004

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