Piano Player's Diary
Andreja Andric

Piano Player's Diary is a program for MS-DOS/Windows that produces romantic piano improvisations in MIDI format. The titles of the pieces are chosen like in a diary: date and time of the moment of creation. The mood and tonality changes from piece to piece, thus forming a unique contrasting cycle of pieces. No input is required. Just start the program and it will create a MIDI file with a new improvisation.
To download an album of the pieces for realistic piano emulation, click the project homepage below.

Please read this disclaimer before downloading

download here   | report broken link
project homepage: http://www.archive.org/details/PianoPlayersDiary
keywords: decorative-sound-algorithmic-c-generative-
MIDI-minimalistic-musical-utility software for dos
category: generative art/algorithmic audio
uploaded by Andreja Andric, 31 Dec 2004

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