The Plagiarist Manifesto
Plagiarist (assisted by Amy Alexander)

WE at know that it's very important for artists to have a manifesto. It shows passion! It shows conviction! It's good practice for posting opinionated comments to mailing lists! Here's ours - every bit as relevant now as when we first published it in 1998.

Once, in 1999, some lawyers at DuPont got mad at us over our Plagiarist Acquisitions project (
and so they decided to fax our boss a copy of the Manifesto, apparently as evidence that we're insane. The lawyers printed out 12 pages of the Manifesto to put in the fax before they got tired - woops! - see

Special Thanks to the Communists, the Futurists, the Futurist Painters, the Hypermedia Research Centre, and the Unabomber for Content Inspiration. And thanks to the authors of Travesty for Algorithmic Inspiration.

Also available in limited edition T-shirts.

Passionately Convicted,

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keywords: pop_culture-passionate-criticism-realtime-perl-
parodyware-cute-algorithmic software for the Internet
category: appropriation and plagiarism
uploaded by amy, 18 Jan 2003

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