The Multi-Cultural Recycler
amy alexander

Ancient web project about new celebrities and the homogenization of multi-culturalism via the humble webcam and homepage.

In 1996, webcam culture was emerging, and finally it seemed, everybody could be a celebrity. but, of course, to prove you're a "real" celebrity, you have to somehow get Recycled by pop culture. (which didn't quite include the net back then, it was only 1996, see... )

Meanwhile, the web was being "multi-cultural", bringing people from around the world together - but in a somewhat strange way. we could excitedly look at homepages from around the world - and find they all looked, well, the same.

So the Recycler allowed people to perform Cultural Recycling on their favorite new Multi-Cultural celebrities.

And for added fun, a gallery in which to hang all the great new works of art.

Technical details: adventures in gluing together existing software packages by a beginning programmer, the core of the image processing is performed by misusing a commercial film compositing package - this lack of "authorship" in a project like this seemed to really irritate people - go figure. Yessir, a real software rebel it was - often called "the james dean of software art"...

Too slow to live, too young to crash...

1996/7 - 20??

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keywords: realtime-goofy-1997-1996-deconstructive-
algorithmic-automation software for the Internet
category: data transformation/data collage
uploaded by amy, 17 Dec 2002

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