dear em: what shd i do?
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0. the question

dear em,
i am fed up with ppl calling me a musician, i wd like to become a software artist instead, what shd i do?
anxious, helsinki

1. the answer

dear anxious,
relax, and stick with the music. before you know it that will be called software art too.

2. the activity is sitting in a dark room, typing the lyrics for the inauguration songs to be performed at the SOFTWARE ART INTERNATIONALE README2.3

the pamphlets are currently transformed from ascii to sound

rehearsals for the algoritmik choir start next week, after deciding on dress code, with a native french assistant (precise diction of foreign characters is required), a wandering russian advizor (investigating punctuation as a global language interpretor for singing code), and a localized australian-finnish director (context investigator and conceptual interpolator bridging discrete and continuous signals)

the songs deal with:
- the variety of contexts in which art software is successful
- the will to aim at buildings and bridges
- the emergent future of software art as a new interdiscipinary discipline

the main song ends with:
"the international art software party will be a human art"

a sample will be provided in a couple of weeks

3. the requirements:
- a small room
- 8 active speakers
- 8 microphones
- a long thin ethernet wire
- a banner, red paint

keywords: massive-digital
category: text - software art related
uploaded by c!k, 01 Mar 2003

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