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Photo Noise by Steve or Steven Read
This software democratically curates an endless art show of found digital photographs. Using an algorithm that prioritizes both a consistency of form and a variation of content, it generates a pulse of the world. The algorithm uses the popular google-api to search in real-time for photos of various camera types: sony, canon, kodak, casio, nokia cell phones, etc. [...]
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C-SPAN KARAOKE by The Interrupting Annotator
FREE SOFTWARE FOR COLLABORATIVE AND CONVIVIAL VIDEO VIEWING C-SPAN KARAOKE displays media that streams from public archives of the website, along with karaoke tunes gleaned from various free offerings on the web. So, gather together with friends and loosen up those vocal cords... While you are navigating the flows of numbing institutional processes, faithfully and invaluably [...]
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Time's up! expired bitbull screensaver by Peter Luining
name: Time's up! expired bitbull screensaver release date: 16 sept 2003 type: screensaver platform: windows 95/nt/98/me/2000/xp description: expired bitbull screensaver hack license: freeware download size: 32 kb zip file
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hello world by unknown
Everyone has seen the Hello World program used as a first exposure to a new language or environment. Thats a piece of software which is propably plagiated by hundrets of book authors and thousands of teachers. It gets allways new interpreted. The first documented version of this software was in "The C Progamming Language" (1978), by Kernighan & Ritchie.
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The Plagiarist Manifesto by Plagiarist (assisted by Amy Alexander)
WE at know that it's very important for artists to have a manifesto. It shows passion! It shows conviction! It's good practice for posting opinionated comments to mailing lists! Here's ours - every bit as relevant now as when we first published it in 1998. Once, in 1999, some lawyers at DuPont got mad at us over our Plagiarist Acquisitions project ( [...]
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