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Drunk Eliza by Daniel Temkin
Eliza is a proto-chatbot, first written in 1966. She mimics a Rogerian psychotherapist, using simple pattern recognition and a short list of responses to carry on a conversation. Her creator, Joseph Weizebaum, was surprised and disturbed by how quickly users ascribed a personality to her even though they knew she was software. [...]
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FAST K.A.R.L. by Fred Wilder
The greatest artist of the 21st Century is here now and he is a robot! FAST KARL works on paper and canvas with acrylic paints and lots of energy. He is programmed to create strange abstract works and he functions independent of his programmer. At least until his batteries run down! Also be sure to catch K.A.R.L.' [...]
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trashconnection dictionary by roman minaev
Trashconnection dictionary "Am Anfang war das Wort, und das Wort war Wort. Am Ende wird das Wort sein, und das Wort wird Wort sein." Roman Minaev Die Abhängigkeit der menschlichen Existenz von visuellen bzw. phonetischen Symbolen, die Unentbehrlichkeit der kommunikationsbedingten Codes fördern die Basics des sozialen Verhaltens. [...]
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Pixel Computer by Paul Camacho
For those that liked Brainf*ck, you'll love this: Visual Brainf*ck! Test your wits, try to create a pixel pattern that will animate itself. Based on Brainf*ck, really MUST HAVE! PixelComputer: a study on how software we create in turn meta-programs our patterns of behaviour through our haptic memory. [...]
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Brainboost by
BrainBoost is a Question Answering search engine. It was specifically designed to answer questions, asked in plain English. BrainBoost is 100% automated. Unlike other Question Answering engines, BrainBoost does not rely on human editors to locate answers. Instead, BrainBoost employs cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology to understand your question, and match it with relevant [...]
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Algorithmic web server scripts which resample websites (based, among others, on Markov chain algorithms) to generate sites which can be aesthetically passed off as "". The scripts allow anyone to instantly create their own sites/projects in the World Wide Web. Cornelia Sollfrank used the first version of the generators to enter 288 websites under the identity of 288 of [...]
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Blog Bitch by Joe Petrow
Turing test for blogs.
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AARON by Harold Cohen
AARON has been called the original software meta-art. First launched in 1973, AARON is a piece of LISP software which Harold Cohen has programmed to draw and paint stylized images on its own - not from stored images, but from an algorithmically defined "imagination" and aesthetic sensibility. Over the past 30 years, Cohen has developed the project as research into visual representation. [...]
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MindGuard by Lyle Zapato
MindGuard is a program for Amiga and Linux computers that protects your mind by actively jamming and/or scrambling psychotronic mind-control signals and removing harmful engrammic pollutants from your brain. It also has the ability to scan for and decipher into English specific signals so you can see exactly Who wants to control you and what They are trying to make you think. -- [...]
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connoisseur by gabor papp
an ironic, conceptual work that apparently gives answers for questions regarding objective perception. in fact, it causes additional confusion that it projects onto the problem itself, actually quierying it essentially. statement:
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dramatic screensaver by Teo Spiller
A Delphi written screensaver for Windows 9x, that is "selfcountioned of itself". It says "if you move your mouse or press a key, you will kill me. There will be another screensavers, looking just like me, but it won't be myself". As a program runs, we call it "a job" and we can "kill" it. Is a program, as we "killed" just going to sleep or did we really kill it and the next time we will run the [...]
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