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Form Art by Alexei Shulgin
A new art form, based on the aesthetics of a computer interface was introduced to the internet community in 1997. The idea was to use input interface elements (submit buttons, checkboxes, text areas, pull-down menus,...) as graphical elements for creating images and animations, both abstract and figurative. [...]
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os_anm by slateford
os_anm is a lo-resolution pixel animation tool. It is partly based on two 'old time' digital media: the lo-resolution of early computer terminals and 'teletext' [a digital information system available on British television channels], and the command-line interface of UNIX and DOS. It takes the functional limitations which characterised the look and feel of such systems as conscious aesthetic [...]
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extreme whitespace by amy alexander /
Extreme Whitespace takes advantage of your linux/unix text terminal's natural talent as a realtime video instrument! It's really pretty simple. About all this script really does it is continually spew whitespace into your terminal for you to type into/with/against/around... (Up against that kind of resistance, your typing can't help but become a performance tour de force!) More info, [...]
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VBapp by Alan Sondheim
first 7 vb .exe applications of a series problematizing user interface, desire, mathesis. most of these are extremely small/primitive programs.
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The 8 Bit Construction Set by Beige Records
A conceptual DJ battle record with one Atari and one Commodore side. Each side contains music produced with wither home computer plus software. You can record the record on datasette and load it via a tape drive into your Atari or Commodore. The Atari software is a little graphic demo, the Commodore software is a small music sequencer.
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100 windows by Peter Luining
name: 100 windows artist: Peter Luining date: 18 august 2005 platform: windows 3.1/95/NT/98/ME/2000/XP type: executeable description: 100 auto rotating pop-windows size: 7 kb zip file 100 windows was commissioned by background info: Aware of the decline of pop-up window art caused by the widespread use of pop-up blockers* (Windows XP has even default a pop-up [...]
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