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Google Groups Art by Paul, Tim Flaherty, Nathan McCoy, Stuart Langridge
Google Groups Art (sometimes called "Google Art") is a hack that uses/abuses the fact that Google Groups color-highlights searchterm queries within Usenet posts it displays. The result is that color images are generated within the Google Groups (Usenet) posts themselves. Google Art first surfaced in summer 2002. [...]
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AA-Project by Jan Hubicka and others
"AA-Project", an abbreviation for "ASCII Art Project", has developed a C library for Unix-like and DOS operating systems which transforms bitmap images into ASCII art in real time. The renderer is extremely fast, produces high-quality ASCII, including ASCII anti-aliasing and ASCII dithering, ASCII contrast, ASCII brightness and ASCII gamma correction. [...]
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#twitterart by Various Authors
TwitterArt is part of an ASCII art tradition that dates back to BBS postings of the 1970's and 80's. TwitterArt, as explained by elmonte09 on : "#twitterart #tarts (Tweet ARTistS) are a growing art sub-genre. [...]
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