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"AA-Project", an abbreviation for "ASCII Art Project", has developed a C library for Unix-like and DOS operating systems which transforms bitmap images into ASCII art in real time. The renderer is extremely fast, produces high-quality ASCII, including ASCII anti-aliasing and ASCII dithering, ASCII contrast, ASCII brightness and ASCII gamma correction. It supports multiple output devices, including text files, vt100 terminals, X11. The full capability of aalib is demonstrated in the aalib-demo "bb".

Fortunately, aalib is used and supported by many Free Software programs for GNU/Linux, BSD and other Unix-like operating systems. You can view jpg/gif/png... images in ASCII with aview/asciiview (which even allows ASCII zooming), you can watch TV in ASCII with ttv or aatv, you can stream webcam video in ASCII with hasciicam, you can export images as ASCII art in The Gimp, you can watch DVD, DivX, avi and QuickTime movies as realtime ASCII Art with mplayer, you can play games like Doom and Quake in ASCII with the aalib backend of the SDL multimedia library. Using Telnet or ssh terminal connections, it also possible to view images and movies on a remote machine in ASCII art.

Thus, aalib turns any Linux/Unix box into a full-blown ASCII multimedia station and completely eliminates the need for graphical user interfaces.

This software works marvellously. Its programmers would be stars in digital media art if they had bothered to market themselves as artists.


From the AA-Project homepage:

Three goals of AA-Project:

1. Port all important software (like Doom, Second Reality, X windows etc..) on AA-lib.

2. Port AA-lib on all available platforms (mainly ZX-Spectrum and Sharp).

3. Force IBM to start manufacturing MDA cards again.

project homepage: http://aa-project.sourceforge.net/
keywords: 1997-eccentric-literary-efficient-lowtech-
passionate software for linux
category: digital folk and artisanship/ascii art
uploaded by cantsin, 28 Feb 2003

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