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perl hackerly unix posix dangerous live on-line automation realtime obfuscated musical algorithmic parodyware mac windows literary psychiatric post-dotcom goofy abuse trivial gadgety positive c lawyer_resistant performance process audiovisual poetry cute hardware open_source java criticism interface conceptual multiuser authorship deconstructive plagiaristic beos philosophical found_object political educational metaphorical frustrated stream pocket_pc efficient text_manipulation psychedelic formalist pragmatic python ironic eccentric remix design lowtech html paranoid random iterative friendly 1997 ascii passionate mathematical sampling surveillance anti_information consciousness amiga email binary minimalistic irc lingo dada intuitive interactive semantic abstract folk subversive constraints 1980s dos turing dysfunctional 1990s glitch visual generative sound installation patterns decorative imagery film video aesthetics information javascript subjectivity network virtual filesharing community countercultural corruption serendipitous P2P copyright Mapping pop_culture speech PHP sharing database surreal flash code performative genetic noisy lisp 3d live_coding programming simulation utility vectorial social collaborative Google voyeur illegal taskbar relaxing unnoticeable atari sinclair marxist hoax sexy fractal typing automata probability chaos instructive coding apocalyptic system terrorism provocative useless violence virus free_software crash xxxxx identity representation privacy smiley pixel chat synesthesia MIDI PureData, alex, alex, alex
Travesty, Hugh Kenner and Joseph P. O'Rourke - e.p. #1,
CueJack, Cue P. Doll
Various CueCat Hacks, Various Authors
ap0202.10, artem baguinski, martin howse
Jabberwocky, Eric Andreychek
Tempest for Eliza, Erik Thiele
Lexicon, Andy Deck
Dasher, David MacKay, Inference Group, Cavendish Laboratory
Yet Another Sizing Tool (YAST), Rico da halvarez & Bituur Esztreym
AA-Project, Jan Hubicka and others
Julu, Alan Sondheim
PDP / PiDiP Is Definitely In Pieces, Tom Schouten & Yves Degoyon
MindGuard, Lyle Zapato
pro][tean][.lapsing.txts, ][mez][
Rotten Flesh, Jeff Epler
extreme whitespace, amy alexander /
Whitespace, Edwin Brady and Chris Morris
BumpList: an email community for the determined, Jonah Brucker-Cohen
brainfuck, Urban Müller (and others)
INTERCAL, Don Woods, James Lyon; current implementation by Eric S. Raymond
SineClock, Douglas Irving Repetto
Acme::EyeDrops, Andrew J. Savige
Bomb, Scott Draves
Fuse, Scott Draves
DataDada, August Black
ImageN, Leander Seige
Sonification of Virtual Space - 1, Mark Brady
nest, c6
ekart (electronic keyword artcenter), david guez -
Track-The-Trackers---, annina ruest
MPF, imbecil
Non_sensor, Influenza (Rafael Marchetti and Raquel Rennó)
noise pattern, dave griffiths
fluxus, dave griffiths
Autodrawn: Sketching landscapes seen through my windows, Pall Thayer
Photo Noise, Steve or Steven Read
KTeaTime, Matthias Hoelzer-Kluepfel
NaDa, Bernard Bélanger
sowjet-unterzoegersdorf / the adventure-game / sector 1 /, monochrom
Animated processor, Andrei Terechko
Caligraft, Ricard Marxer Piñón
mailia, miga
p, Sampath Jagannathan
ChucK: Strongly-timed, On-the-fly Audio Programming Language, Ge Wang and Perry Cook
calltrace, Adam Marks
BetaBlocker, Dave Griffiths
promiscuOS, ap/xxxxx
The Search Wall, Mladen Zagorac
RANDALE!, Tom Klingenberg
CodeSounding, Roberto Mannai

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