An audio-visual insight into the beauty of the quicksort algorithm. uses the quicksort routine that is built into the Perl programming language interpreter. You see and hear the algorithm compare values as it pivots around and passes up and down the data. As the data becomes sorted, so the sonic and visual effect becomes more regular. Then, it starts again with a new set of data to sort.

The algorithm may be difficult for the uninitiated to understand (see a description of its workings below). However it is remarkably efficient (in the general case) and therefore popular, there might be hundreds of versions of it in your computer's software.

Here's a description of the algorithm:

"One element, x of the list to be sorted is chosen and the
other elements are split into those elements less than x and
those greater than or equal to x. These two lists are then
sorted recursively using the same algorithm until there is
only one element in each list, at which point the sublists are
recursively recombined in order yielding the sorted list."

The algorithm was invented/discovered by C.A.R Hoare in 1962.

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keywords: unix-realtime-hackerly-perl-obfuscated-
musical-algorithmic software for linux
category: data transformation/multimedia
uploaded by alex, 28 Dec 2002

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