Urban Müller (and others)

Brainfuck is a minimalist/experimental, yet (Turing-) complete computer programming language which
consists of just eight single-character commands:

> Increment the pointer.

< Decrement the pointer.

+ Increment the byte at the pointer.

- Decrement the byte at the pointer.

. Output the byte at the pointer.

, Input a byte and store it in the byte at the pointer.

[ Jump past the matching ] if the byte at the pointer is zero.

] Jump to the matching [.

There are numerous free implementations of Brainfuck compilers, and many resources on the language in the Web.

feature about this project: brainfuck

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keywords: 1980s-abstract-algorithmic-efficient-ascii-
hackerly-turing-constraints-obfuscated software for dos, java, amiga, linux, mac, posix and windows
category: code art/programming languages
uploaded by cantsin, 17 Jun 2003

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