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perl hackerly unix linux dangerous parodyware algorithmic mac windows literary psychiatric post-dotcom on-line goofy abuse trivial positive c lawyer_resistant subversive lisp gadgety religious political 1980s poetry process cute performance plagiaristic beos philosophical obfuscated found_object educational metaphorical frustrated realtime open_source intuitive formalist minimalistic interface dada interactive text_manipulation lowtech semantic passionate abstract dos java amiga efficient ascii mathematical conceptual turing constraints ironic dysfunctional 1990s glitch musical film visual audiovisual video aesthetics taskbar friendly utility relaxing folk unnoticeable atari pocket_pc sinclair paranoid sexy deconstructive surreal automata automation Google remix noisy sampling iterative social live generative copyright voice, alex
Travesty, Hugh Kenner and Joseph P. O'Rourke - e.p. #1,
Various CueCat Hacks, Various Authors
GNU emacs, Richard Stallman
Jabberwocky, Eric Andreychek
extreme whitespace, amy alexander /
brainfuck, Urban Müller (and others)
INTERCAL, Don Woods, James Lyon; current implementation by Eric S. Raymond
DataDada, August Black
KTeaTime, Matthias Hoelzer-Kluepfel
NaDa, Bernard Bélanger
mailia, miga
On Everything, Pall Thayer

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naked on pluto
100.000.000 stolen pixels
Incorrect Music 2

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