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Bible (alphabetical order), Rory Macbeth
Timescape, Reynald Drouhin
TelematicMix, Sejal Chad, Beatrice Gibson, Adrian Ward
NewZoid, Daniel Young
gogolchat, jimpunk & christophe bruno
MetaMix, Jason Freeman
.Re ___________________________(ad.htm, mez
Re-reading the News, Myron Turner
EG SERENE, Barbara Lattanzi
Anti-Capitalist Operating System, Together We Can Defeat Capitalism
The Web Stalker, I/O/D
The Okay News, Rebecca Ross
AMEN, Neil Gavigan
Lexicon, Andy Deck
SCREEN SAVER, Eldar Karhalev & Ivan Khimin
hexaDecimalClock, BlueScreen
Journeys, Greg Giannis
Form Art, Alexei Shulgin
BitmapSequencer, Tom Betts
ZNC browser, Peter Luining
rwxrwxrw, ARN
metal_for_ever, anonymous
Petrograph v.01, Kurt Ralske
forkbomb, unknown
God's Eye, Sintron
Simple Sex Site Cyborg Link Harvester, Sintron
n_Gen Design Machine, Move Design
hello world, unknown
The House That Jack Built: Jack Burnham's Concept of "Software" as a Metaphor for Art, Edward A. Shanken
Concepts. Notations. Software. Art., Florian Cramer
pro][tean][.lapsing.txts, ][mez][
The 5k contest, Stewart Butterfield, Eric Costello
Enigma n^2, Jim Andrews
Whitespace, Edwin Brady and Chris Morris
The Google Adwords Happening, Christophe Bruno
Fascinum, Christophe Bruno
non-weddings, Christophe Bruno
AGENTBEATS, Mikkel Bertelsen
Initialize, Pantopicon
Triggerhappy, Thomson & Craighead
more or less, Karlheinz Essl
Acme::Bleach, Damian Conway
brainfuck, Urban Müller (and others)
f*ck f*ck, Chilliwilli (MrThomasRathboneEsq) generators, Cornelia Sollfrank (with Ryan Johnston, Luka Frelih, Barbara Thoens, Ralf Prehn)
smaster, erational
VBapp, Alan Sondheim
WIMP, Data eXchange Laboratory
The 8 Bit Construction Set, Beige Records
DataDada, August Black
Window, Peter Luining
f0rwardpunk, Francis Hunger
tmp sys FLOAT,
ImageN, Leander Seige
nest, c6
Microswapper, Carl - Micromusic
ekart (electronic keyword artcenter), david guez -
sub set,
final_adjustment, Aristarkh Chernyshev
Blood For Sale, Christophe Bruno, Myron Turner
trashconnection dictionary, roman minaev
untitled, Jan Robert Leegte
Polyptique, Frederic Madre & Veronique Muller
{Software} Structures, Casey Reas
Digital Objects, Matthew Fuller
A Re-Declaration of Dependence - Software Art in a Cultural Context It Can't Get out of, Jacob Lillemose
Plug-Ins Revised, Peter Luining
formulas, Peter Luining
oversaturation, hernandez, werkhoven, acevedo
pensat0 [dBzer0 -SilenceSynth], decembertexture
noumena, wayne clements
Darwin, Taylor Berg
e44, Jon Meyer
Scream, Amy Alexander/
Photo Noise, Steve or Steven Read
spheres, Santiago Ortiz
real time contextual art generator, Don Relyea
GWEI - Google Will Eat Itself, UBERMORGEN.COM feat. Alessandro Ludovico vs. Paolo Cirio
Characters, tats
NaDa, Bernard Bélanger
self-execute, Matej Smetana
Animated processor, Andrei Terechko
Outsource me!, Leonardo Solaas
9dots, Pierre DELMAS BOULY
#404, Jon Meyer
State of the Union, Brad Borevitz
Hyperyarn, criticalartware
Standardized Blog Entry, Soenke Ziesche
Psych|OS-Generator, UBERMORGEN.COM, Garrett Lynch
promiscuOS, ap/xxxxx
lookless, botnik
Much TODO, Steven Read
Desktop3D explorer, 1dot1(c.streinz)
The Hypertext Revelation, Josh Kopin
Dreaming of You, Richard Caceres and Jamie Burkart
Microcodes, Pall Thayer
Polishness, Ian Wojtowicz
Light Pattern, Daniel Temkin

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