Outsource me!
Leonardo Solaas

"Outsource me!" by Leonardo Solaas presents a competition within the competition of Readme 100. This ironic subversion is repeated on various levels of the project: it subverts the usual outsourcing relationships, as well as subverting the idea of the delegation of "technical" work by the "creative" artist to an “uncreative” programmer (or any "hands-on" person). One proof of the project's success is in the discussion that happened in the comment threads on Solaas's call for submissions to be his employer [1]. Irony does not transcend all borders: one person took the call literally and was dismayed by the apparent reiteration of the same old pattern of the "uncreative programmer" and "handless artist."

- from a feature by Amy Alexander, Olga Goriunova

[1] See http://rhizome.org/thread.rhiz?thread=18625&page=1#35596

The winning idea of the competition is Go-Logo

This project was comissioned by the software art factory Readme 100 in Dortmund 2005 and is included into the resulting publication: Readme 100 Temporary Software Art Factory, Books on Demand GmbH, Norderstedt, Germany, 2005.

feature about this project: Outsource me!

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keywords: outsource-conceptual-ironic-labor-political-
category: institutional critique
uploaded by o, 15 Feb 2006

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