ZNC browser
Peter Luining

ZNC is a browser that translates html code into ascii numbers which in turn are translated in sound and colors. The first version (1.01) of this browser was made with the intention to show the arbitrariness of code and make the proces of how software (in this case the browser) works totally transparent.
The 2.0 version is a total rebuild of the first version, it has a different soundengine, can open multiple modules, switch from tone to samples and back, pan and volume control for every individual module, resize modules in color mode.
The browser can be used as a html based audio visual instrument that allows different urls to be mixed. There are Windows and Mac OSX versions available for download.

feature about this project: ZNC browser

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project homepage: http://znc.ctrlaltdel.org
keywords: formalist-audiovisual-sound-minimalistic-html-
conceptual-ascii software for windows, the Internet and mac
category: browser art
uploaded by ctrlaltdel, 26 Feb 2003

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