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100 windows by Peter Luining
name: 100 windows artist: Peter Luining date: 18 august 2005 platform: windows 3.1/95/NT/98/ME/2000/XP type: executeable description: 100 auto rotating pop-windows size: 7 kb zip file 100 windows was commissioned by background info: Aware of the decline of pop-up window art caused by the widespread use of pop-up blockers* (Windows XP has even default a pop-up [...]
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formulas by Peter Luining
name: formulas artist: Peter Luining/ type: photoshop & compatibles plug-in (win only) description: package of 246 experimental plug-ins info: "... especially the search for unexpected filters in a new series called formulas, in which I forced myself to ignore my programming knowledge and just started to type in code in a simple and stupid looking way, by just adding [...]
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giant cursor by Peter Luining
name: giant cursor date: 01 march 2005 platform: windows 3.1/95/NT/98/ME/2000/XP/2003 type: executable description: extreme large cursor that replaces the standard cursor important: before installation read readme.txt file first size: 9 kb zip file
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Plug-Ins Revised by Peter Luining
Series of Photoshop and compatibles plugins that investigate function, use and character of plug-ins
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ZNC browser by Peter Luining
ZNC is a browser that translates html code into ascii numbers which in turn are translated in sound and colors. The first version (1.01) of this browser was made with the intention to show the arbitrariness of code and make the proces of how software (in this case the browser) works totally transparent. The 2.0 [...]
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