Blood For Sale
Christophe Bruno

Wi-Fi performance in Dublin at the ReJoyce festival celebrating Bloomsday 100 (June 2004), featuring the pervasive invasion of language by financial globalization.

As James Joyce did 100 years ago, I walk through Dublin, but with a Wi-Fi handheld and a digital camera. On my way, I record everything I see, mainly company logos or brands, as if my eyes were "spammed". Then, through the wireless network, I send all this visual spam to a program on my server that fetches related "sponsored epiphanies" from the whole Web. These epiphanies are incorporated into the text by Joyce in real-time.

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keywords: performance-PHP-poetry-literary-authorship-
visual-network software for pocket_pc and the Internet
category: performance-based
uploaded by Christophe Bruno, 25 Jun 2004

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