Standardized Blog Entry
Soenke Ziesche

This project tries to combine two trends in web publishing for which is it probably not so apparent to combine them: on the one hand the overwhelming popularity of blogging, on the other hand the attempts towards standardized content. Structuring content in such a manner is a means in order to make it understandable by machines which would e.g. support the development of a semantic web. Hence, I have drafted a standardized blog entry. Early approaches in this regard can be traced back to On Kawara's "I got up" and "I went" projects which have been integrated in this standardized blog entry. The blogging tool "livejournal" provides only two standardized fields, "current mood" and "current music" (since it is obviously not the intention of "livejournal" to standardize) of which the ladder has been integrated here as well. The descriptive output of the standardized blog entry in a XML kind of format, e.g. Atom, could also be considered as byproduct of foaf/doac. This is the first version of a standardized blog entry, refinements are likely to follow.

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keywords: community-conceptual-semantic-blogging-standard-
semantic_web software for the Internet
category: conceptual software
uploaded by Soenke, 10 Sep 2006

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