Re-reading the News
Myron Turner

"Re-reading the News" downloads the front page of newspapers as essentially raw data, enabling users to reformat it to their own specifications. The raw data appears in one browser window, reformatting occurs in a second. It sees the newspaper's format as a metaphor or interface for controlling our responses. "Re-reading" interrupts this effort at control. It offers the raw data out which we can form our own patterns, placing us back at the center of confusion from which the desire for metaphor (and interface) springs. The project makes extensive use of the W3C Document Object Model and arises out of an interaction between perl scripts on the server and DHTML in the browser. The perl strips away all but the most essential HTML and the DHTML enables the interaction between the two browser windows as well as the reformatting of the data.

project homepage:
keywords: process-dhtml-authorship-perl-html-
design-conceptual-anti_information software for the Internet
category: browser art
uploaded by turnermm, 19 Jan 2003

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