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NewZoid, Daniel Young
Re-reading the News, Myron Turner
retroyou R/C, joan leandre
SuPerVillainizer - Conspiracy Client, LAN
MindGuard, Lyle Zapato
Novelwriting, Jeff Epler
Fascinum, Christophe Bruno generators, Cornelia Sollfrank (with Ryan Johnston, Luka Frelih, Barbara Thoens, Ralf Prehn)
VBapp, Alan Sondheim
dada newsfeed, Eugenio Tisselli
tmp sys FLOAT,
Pintura Viva, Dimitre Lima
elgooG (The Google Mirror), All Too Flat
BUSH BOT 0.4, rovebotics
Darwin, Taylor Berg
Photo Noise, Steve or Steven Read
spheres, Santiago Ortiz
nam shub web 0.1, jörg piringer
NANO, MACHFELD (aka Sabine Maier & Michael Mastrototaro) in cooperation with Alessandro Capozzo
Much TODO, Steven Read, no:sler
Rtuk, Ali Miharbi
99 Meditations on Chords and Colors, Andreja Andric

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