SuPerVillainizer - Conspiracy Client

Since and even well before the 11th of September laws have been passed in the United States and in Europe, that permit certain nations to keep all e-mail traffic under close surveillance. This has also happened in Switzerland. For more than a year now (feb. 03) providers have been ordered by a decree to store all e-mail and other internet data for six months. SuPerVillainizer is a project aimed at ridiculing the notions of "the enemy" or the "bad guy" that these data retention surveillance scenarios are based on.

SuPerVillainizer is about creating profiles of villains, rogues, bad guys, and scapegoats, equipping them with real email accounts at a Swiss provider, uniting them into conspiracies, and then watching as the villains start to automatically communicate with each other using SuPerVillainizer-generated conspiracy content, infiltrating the carefully planned surveillance system with more and more disinfoming mails every day.

feature about this project: SuPerVillainizer - Conspiracy Client

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keywords: sharing-PHP-abuse-political-anti_information-
terrorism-community-robot-criticism software for the Internet
category: political and activist software/software resistance
uploaded by george w. binladen, 24 Feb 2003

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