SuPerVillainizer - Conspiracy Client by LAN
Since and even well before the 11th of September laws have been passed in the United States and in Europe, that permit certain nations to keep all e-mail traffic under close surveillance. This has also happened in Switzerland. For more than a year now (feb. 03) providers have been ordered by a decree to store all e-mail and other internet data for six months. [...]
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SuPerVillainizer - Conspiracy Client

As paranoid governments chase phantom perpetrators, they manifest "criminals" where no one has broken the law. In the US alone, thousands of people are being held for unspecified reasons under the USA PATRIOT act (whose intended sequel was recently
) . The intent of Supervillainizer is to reward the paranoid state with fictional villains to fulfill their fictional needs. If our fake criminal databodies can add noise to the signal, its reasoning goes, perhaps these will gum the works, and some of the innocent will remain at large. And if we remain at large, perhaps we can still become real criminals when the need arises.

By The Yes Men

by andy, posted 06 Jun 2003

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