Steven Read

Vaporware at its finest. For this project I have been collecting and assembling unwritten software code. While this code remains to be written, its construction in thought has at least begun. The ideas, dreams, and procrastinations of software developers from around the world are manifested in this project by their 'TODO' comments which were left behind in code as little reminders. I have algorithmically collected nearly 100,000 of these comments from the Internet, giving precedence to quick 'one line' TODOs. The resulting conceptual software program contains instructions of thoughts only - no actions. It does everything, and nothing. It does just what I need, which is plenty.

There is still much todo on this project!
TODO: make fancy visualizations with the data
TODO: harvest even more todo comments
TODO: add multi-line todos to the archive
TODO: convince people this is good art
TODO: convince people this is good software

project homepage:
keywords: database-social-plagiaristic-dysfunctional-anti_information-
code-coding-useless-conceptual software for the Internet
category: code art/minimal code
uploaded by steveORsteven, 08 Oct 2007

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