dada newsfeed
Eugenio Tisselli

the dada newsfeed collage is generated by the following set of rules:
1. get a random news headline from a current news server
2. get a random image from an image bank, based on a random word from the headline. if no appropriate image is found, just get any random image
3. combine these two elements in a web-collage and display them on a page
4. if the user clicks on the image, a new image and a new headline are displayed
5. if the user clicks on the headline, a new image is displayed, and the headline is transformed as the computer attempts to get a synonym for every word in the headline. these synonyms are taken from an internet thesaurus. if no synonym is found, the original word is preserved

project homepage:
keywords: information-open_source-deconstructive-PHP-anti_information-
news-dada software for the Internet
category: data transformation/data collage
uploaded by cubo, 19 Oct 2003

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