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neverending search for highest number, trashconnection
Acme::Handwave, Simon Kent
Netsleeping, Gregory Chatonsky
SPS, (Karl-)Robert Ek
gogolchat, jimpunk & christophe bruno
retroyou R/C, joan leandre
Cybart, coolfool
linguasso, Chris King
ARTificial Art: 4ever, Kurt Baumann
Yet Another Sizing Tool (YAST), Rico da halvarez & Bituur Esztreym
Infinite Image Productions, Gerhard Mantz
SONASPHERE, Nao Tokui / Karl Willis
n_Gen Design Machine, Move Design
Postmodernism Generator, Andrew C. Bulhak
Enigma n^2, Jim Andrews
fleur v 0.2, clemos
Novelwriting, Jeff Epler
MIDIPoet, Eugenio Tisselli
sondheim.exe, Lewis LaCook
particles, Ole Kristensen
Egobot, Philipp Lenssen
more or less, Karlheinz Essl
DESSINE PANSE (dessine moi v2), joachim lapotre - AZerty
REplay PLAYer, Karlheinz Essl
Writer's Block, Dror Eyal
Babyloner, Ivan Bachev
EI, Ivan Bachev
Lexikon-Sonate, Karlheinz Essl
Karlheinz Essl's Playing Strategies, Karlheinz Essl
Lab Ur Integer, Kton Lutus
Archean selforganization, Douwe Osinga
dada newsfeed, Eugenio Tisselli
rand()%, Joe Gilmore / Tom Betts
fLOW - ambient soundscape generator, Karlheinz Essl
tmp sys FLOAT,
Vi-Con, Luca Bertini
Plug-Ins Revised, Peter Luining
oversaturation, hernandez, werkhoven, acevedo
Darwin, Taylor Berg
degenerative/regenerative/fadeaway, Eugenio Tisselli
Shmoogle, Tsila Hassine
meaning, Eugenio Tisselli
Non_sensor, Influenza (Rafael Marchetti and Raquel Renn├│)
Photo Noise, Steve or Steven Read
spheres, Santiago Ortiz
Sound and Energy, Santiago Ortiz
real time contextual art generator, Don Relyea
club.ware, christina goestl and boris kopeinig
Flickeur, Mario Klingemann
Animated processor, Andrei Terechko
9dots, Pierre DELMAS BOULY
p, Sampath Jagannathan
FontanaMixer, Karlheinz Essl
Incorrect Music, Andreja Andric
Breaking The News - Be a News-Jockey, Marc Lee
Open Wound, Matt Butler
Polishness, Ian Wojtowicz
you C O D E me, youandme
Incorrect Music 2, Andreja Andric

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