hernandez, werkhoven, acevedo

THIS is an openGL based, 3D VIDEOGAME, exploring oversaturation through gameplay, visual, audio experience, and hardware load. Avaliable space is always at stake: be it media-space, mindspace or a purely physical space... OVERSATURATION is common in most global processes as the fluxes: material and linguistic evolve real time in shape and magnitude. these fluxes, acting onto limited spaces (of conscience, the earth's surface, bandwidth, etc), add pressure on their host surfaces, and that pressure is defined by each process itself. as organisms keep multiplying and processes evolving in complexity, the available space becomes more limited and eventually tends to disappear. this game is about keeping your personal space clear, and as in life it's theoretically an infinite process. PLAYING: downlad and install. on the menu, use spacebar to enter the options desired, or esc to go back. for playing: use all four arrows on your keyboard to move through the gamespace. the OBJECTIVE of the game is to keep the continuously growing systems from oversaturating your space by passing through, and thereby annihilating them. the longer the structures remain untouched, the more they'll grow in thickness and strength, and the older the segments become, the more difficult they are to pass, or even impossible. INTERFACE: two systems evolving real time within different patterns: first, a matrix: that's your gamespace, it expands, and you cannot get past it, or else you'll bounce back. second: a set of five random spatial saturating patterns which you'll have to destroy: when a certain percentage of the cube is occupied by those patterns, you will suffocate, even if there's still available space. atop the three dimensional live action, there's couple two-dimensional maps, each one providing a real time, planar representation of the state of the whole system, the one on the left shows the top view, while the one on the right is the side view, so you can have an idea on how the space is being saturated and where the available space is. QUICK MODDING: open the game contents and locate the config.lua and/or artpack.lua on: oversaturation/resources/scripts. both files can be edited using a simple text editor. the files itself contain a small explanation that's pretty clear, or download the source code. TECHNICAL: this is an openGL based, 3D videogame, exploring oversaturation through gameplay, visual, audio experience, and hardware load. this game is based on the source code of the meticulosly wrttten: GL_Tron , by andreas umbach, for further development, we have used: c, c++, lua scripting language and the following libraries and frameworks: openGL, SDL, SDL Sound, SDL net, Lua, Nebu. this is an opensource project, released under the GNU general public license. This work has been produced with Mexico City in mind. A project by luis hernandez, eric werkhoven y gabriel acevedo. commissioned by rhizome.org through the 2004 commissioning program.

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keywords: information-open_source-installation-sexy-dangerous-
semantic-illegal-cute-imagery software for mac
category: games/deconstruction and modification
uploaded by ungravity, 17 Feb 2005

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