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Destroy the Web by Jose Bolanos
It’s the middle of the week- deadlines are looming, your team just lost the championship, and the taco truck just left before you could grab a quick lunch. What to do? The Firefox icon beckons to you, offering the multitude of distractions the internet has to offer– but you don’t really have the time to catch up on the news. [...]
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Desktop3D explorer by 1dot1(c.streinz)
With these application, you can explore my "private" Desktop configuration in 3D. ...investigate... privacy...
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GRRF by GRRF (Gaming Response Research Foundation)
A familiar problem: a highly sophisticated piece of software has been developed, but things just don't seem to be going well at the demo...
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Wolfenstein 5k by Lee Semel
Blow the heads off the monsters in this texture-mapped, first-person shooter crammed into 5K of JavaScript.
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SPS by (Karl-)Robert Ek
SPS is working on the world. It is a pedagogical artpiece. The two versions of the wellknown game, paper rock scissors, Iґve made, represent two different kinds of interactivity. The first, SPS, uses the metaphors we are used to in the digital space. For example, as with a 'desktop environment', something happens when one clicks something. [...]
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