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semantic poetry generative c windows remix passionate friendly binary visual realtime minimalistic eccentric automation symmetry random mathematical design algorithmic subjectivity process iterative decorative abstract positive interactive cute 3d deconstructive interface philosophical anti_information porn frustrated conceptual open_source sharing HCI sampling psychedelic mac surreal sound information on-line patterns abuse aesthetics efficient flash formalist fractal Mapping pragmatic countercultural screensaver paranoid irc PHP javascript ascii lowtech community hackerly dada dangerous genetic installation email pop_culture symbiosis love virus instructive simulation death intuitive performance social performative active stimulation lawyer_resistant audiovisual presence probability found_object trash trivial chaos mindware code collaborative modal representation violence musical nude illegal imagery drugs vectorial linux java typing ironic perl posix automata unix Google noisy 1980s 1990s programming text_manipulation smiley storytelling system privacy talking telematic metaphorical metaphysical unnoticeable multiuser coding html identity

particles, Ole Kristensen
VBapp, Alan Sondheim
Shell, ixi-software
fLOW - ambient soundscape generator, Karlheinz Essl
tmp sys FLOAT,
Microswapper, Carl - Micromusic
Vi-Con, Luca Bertini
oversaturation, hernandez, werkhoven, acevedo
club.ware, christina goestl and boris kopeinig
Caligraft, Ricard Marxer Piñón
mailia, miga
ansinerator, Tamas Kemenczy
you C O D E me, youandme

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