Luca Bertini

Yazna and ++ are two viruses in love.
They search for each other on the net,
running through connected computers.

Apart from other viruses, their passages won't cause
any damage to your computer, nor it will keep in
danger your operative system.

Theirs is a soft passage, invisible, and extremely fragile.
They live a few moments in your more instable
computer folders, they leave a small sign of their presence, and if they don't find each other,
they go back. Spreading to another computer.
Hoping for the long awaited encounter.
Somewhere on the net. Sooner or later.

Probably ++or Yazna have already come to your computer, and you didn't notice. Maybe that will happen tomorrow. Or maybe never.


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keywords: information-installation-sexy-passionate-algorithmic-
random-hackerly-virus software for the Internet and windows
category: system dysfunctionality/virus - security
uploaded by username, 02 Aug 2004

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