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Enigma n^2, Jim Andrews
P.A.N.S.E., Pall Thayer
PawSense, BitBoost Systems
NETARIUM, Haruka Kikuchi
Actionist Respoke (Passivist Destroke), Michael Janoschek & Rüdiger Schlömer
Wirescapes 1.0, John Vega
extreme whitespace, amy alexander /
MIDIPoet, Eugenio Tisselli
sondheim.exe, Lewis LaCook
Yellowtail, Golan Levin
particles, Ole Kristensen
Genetic Art, Adriano Abbado, Marco Stefani
AGENTBEATS, Mikkel Bertelsen
Egobot, Philipp Lenssen
Triggerhappy, Thomson & Craighead
BumpList: an email community for the determined, Jonah Brucker-Cohen
REplay PLAYer, Karlheinz Essl generators, Cornelia Sollfrank (with Ryan Johnston, Luka Frelih, Barbara Thoens, Ralf Prehn)
VBapp, Alan Sondheim
Lexikon-Sonate, Karlheinz Essl
chtonline, Bjorn Matronim
Wiki Wiki Web, Site and software by Ward Cunningham. Text by many.
WIMP, Data eXchange Laboratory
Bomb, Scott Draves
Pixel Computer, Paul Camacho
Movie Mincer, Sergey Teterin
WebWaste.Net, Ragnar Helgi Olafsson
Microswapper, Carl - Micromusic
final_adjustment, Aristarkh Chernyshev
Pintura Viva, Dimitre Lima
Homeland Insecurity Advisory System, Jonah Brucker-Cohen
C-SPAN KARAOKE, The Interrupting Annotator, Myron Turner
BUSH BOT 0.4, rovebotics
Auracle, Max Neuhas, Phil Birk, Jason Freeman, Sekhar Ramachrisnan, Kristjan Varnik, David Birchfiled
untitled, Jan Robert Leegte
flyt dig, Ole Kristensen
Life vs. Life, Justin Bakse and Eric Williams
Altings A Software, Thomas Thøfner
One Word Movie, Beat Brogle, Philippe Zimmermann
bugout, daniel c. howe
oversaturation, hernandez, werkhoven, acevedo
pensat0 [dBzer0 -SilenceSynth], decembertexture
Darwin, Taylor Berg
Matrix Laptop Wall, Boris P., Klaus Markowski
Non_sensor, Influenza (Rafael Marchetti and Raquel Rennó)
Log Cam, Influenza (Rafael Marchetti and Raquel Rennó)
spheres, Santiago Ortiz
Sound and Energy, Santiago Ortiz
Soundmaps, Jan de Weille
real time contextual art generator, Don Relyea
GWEI - Google Will Eat Itself, UBERMORGEN.COM feat. Alessandro Ludovico vs. Paolo Cirio
The Party at the Center of the Universe, Pall Thayer
Animated processor, Andrei Terechko
9dots, Pierre DELMAS BOULY
Caligraft, Ricard Marxer Piñón
p, Sampath Jagannathan
State of the Union, Brad Borevitz
ChucK: Strongly-timed, On-the-fly Audio Programming Language, Ge Wang and Perry Cook
On Everything, Pall Thayer
nam shub web 0.1, jörg piringer
Psych|OS-Generator, UBERMORGEN.COM
Pixel Collaboration, Krista Quick
programmed paintings, Denis Santelli
Open News Network (O-N-N), Marc Lee and Christoph Ganser
Breaking The News - Be a News-Jockey, Marc Lee
The Search Wall, Mladen Zagorac
The Meta Technology, Luca D'Angelo
City Distances: measuring informational distances between cities., Bestiario
Arteroids, Jim Andrews
The Oracle of Elsewhere, Ian Wojtowicz
text2image, ted davis
Rtuk, Ali Miharbi
99 Meditations on Chords and Colors, Andreja Andric
Polishness, Ian Wojtowicz
you C O D E me, youandme

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