Eugenio Tisselli

MIDIPoet is a tool for composing and performing pieces that involve interactive text and image. It is divided in two separate programs: the composer, which lets you create a piece by drawing diagrams, and the player, that lets you perform the previously composed pieces. The MIDIPoet pieces can be thought of as visual performances, in which text and image on the screen respond to external events: a keypress or a MIDI message. Through a simple composition process in which text/image "events" and the inputs that trigger them are defined, complex interactive pieces can be created and then performed live. MIDIPoet was specially designed to manipulate text -- an interactive visual poetry machine. Not only the way a text is displayed on the screen can be modified (size, color, font, etc), but also its content (choose a random text from a list, mix letters, mix words and more). Image manipulation is also possible; MIDIPoet works with frames (bmp, jpg and gif formats). The frames of a video can easily be included in a MIDIPoet piece, and then manipulated in many different ways (forward, backward, loops, sub-loops, random and special effects).
MIDIPoet player lets you create a playlist that includes all the pieces you wish to perform in a session. You can also choose MIDI input and output ports and playback speed.
MIDIPoet runs on a Windows 98/Me/2000 PC, with at least 64 Mb of RAM and a Pentium processor. It is free for you to download at: www.motorhueso.net -- choose language (spanish or english) and click on the "MIDIPoet" link. You will also find a complete documentation and examples.
Please experiment.

Please read this disclaimer before downloading

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project homepage: http://www.motorhueso.net/midipeng/index.htm
keywords: interactive-performance-poetry-live-audiovisual-
process-text_manipulation-random-realtime-MIDI software for windows
category: artistic tool/audiovisual
uploaded by cubo, 30 Apr 2003

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