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angel&devil by Eugenio Tisselli
Angel & Devil are here to (mis)guide you through the dark, evil paths of Microsoft Windows
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CAP - Computer Aided Poetry by Eugenio Tisselli
CAP - Computer Aided Poetry A tool for blocked poets. ┬┐No inspiration? Use the CAP system, and you will see the cybernetic muse appear at your (browser's) window! CAP is a set of tools that enable poets to transform a verse in different ways: -Automatic substitution of a single word: by clicking on a word, the computer substitutes it with another word, which will be like a flower, cut [...]
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Childhood Games by Eugenio Tisselli
Mexico City, 1984. There and then I was 12 years old, dreaming of creating computer games. I already knew how to program in BASIC, but I didn't have a computer. So I just took a pencil and a notebook, and wrote down my games. Almost 25 years later, I re-discovered the old notebook with my first hand-written games. It was dusty but still readable (unlike the floppy disks). [...]
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dada newsfeed by Eugenio Tisselli
the dada newsfeed collage is generated by the following set of rules: 1. get a random news headline from a current news server 2. get a random image from an image bank, based on a random word from the headline. if no appropriate image is found, just get any random image 3. combine these two elements in a web-collage and display them on a page 4. [...]
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degenerative/regenerative/fadeaway by Eugenio Tisselli
"degenerative" is a web page that slowly becomes corrupted. each time the page is visited, one of its characters is either destroyed or replaced. link to degenerative: --- in the "regenerative" web page, text degenerates with each visit, but it also attempts to regenerate itself by trying to [...]
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J B Wock by Eugenio Tisselli
J B Wock is a PHP script that writes his own blog almost every night. The posts generated by J B Wock follow these steps: 1. J B Wock takes a famous quotation from a "Famous Quotes" RSS feed. (this would be the seed of the process) 2. Then he finds synonyms for each of the words in the phrase. This process can happen from one to three times, recursively. ( [...]
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meaning by Eugenio Tisselli
a web page that plays around with meaning. rules of the game: every time the page is visited, a randomly-picked word in its text is substituted by a synonym. how will the meaning change in the end? can there be such a thing as a synonym? the original text is available for reference
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MIDIPoet by Eugenio Tisselli
MIDIPoet is a tool for composing and performing pieces that involve interactive text and image. It is divided in two separate programs: the composer, which lets you create a piece by drawing diagrams, and the player, that lets you perform the previously composed pieces. The MIDIPoet pieces can be thought of as visual performances, in which text and image on the screen respond to external events: a [...]
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semantic vj by Eugenio Tisselli
the tool for lazy vj's... just type the word that describes the images you want, press enter, and let the machine do the rest.
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The Last Supper by Eugenio Tisselli - Leonardo da Vinci
Despite Jesus's best efforts, the apostles just couldn't stop twittering. Watch the drama unfold ...
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