Eugenio Tisselli

"degenerative" is a web page that slowly becomes corrupted. each time the page is visited, one of its characters is either destroyed or replaced.

link to degenerative:

in the "regenerative" web page, text degenerates with each visit, but it also attempts to regenerate itself by trying to extract some text from the refering page. if extraction succeeds, the new text is implanted within the degenerating text and becomes part of it.

link to regenerative:


"(This is) a picture of me, taken on the day of my birthday in 2006. Each time you open this page, a white pixel will appear on the picture.
After 120,000 visits, this picture will be nothing but a white rectangle."

project homepage:
keywords: death-deconstructive-PHP-process-text_manipulation-
metaphorical-random-corruption software for the Internet
category: data transformation
uploaded by cubo, 09 Mar 2005

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