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information open_source installation sexy dangerous instructive interactive simulation interface 3d deconstructive intuitive abstract performance social abuse design performative sound active aesthetics philosophical stimulation algorithmic lawyer_resistant email audiovisual automation mac presence formalist probability found_object process fractal trash friendly trivial generative chaos mindware random code minimalistic realtime collaborative modal remix community representation conceptual violence musical screensaver nude semantic illegal cute imagery PHP text_manipulation metaphorical corruption on-line fragile database lowtech iterative speech lingo poetry pop_culture subversive literary synesthesia consciousness robot voice

oversaturation, hernandez, werkhoven, acevedo
degenerative/regenerative/fadeaway, Eugenio Tisselli
UPDATE `me`, tats
self-execute, Matej Smetana
Arteroids, Jim Andrews

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naked on pluto
100.000.000 stolen pixels
Incorrect Music 2

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