CAP - Computer Aided Poetry
Eugenio Tisselli

CAP - Computer Aided Poetry
A tool for blocked poets.

┬┐No inspiration? Use the CAP system, and you will see the cybernetic muse appear at your (browser's) window!

CAP is a set of tools that enable poets to transform a verse in different ways:

-Automatic substitution of a single word: by clicking on a word, the computer substitutes it with another word, which will be like a flower, cut from the same semantic garden from where the original word came.

-Automatic substitution of the whole verse: by clicking a button, the substitution operation described above can be carried out for all the words in the verse.

-Manual adjustment: Sometimes, an automatic substitution can break the grammatical coherence of the verse; if this happens, the writer can manually adjust the words in the verse.

For example: the beautiful verse "say it with software art" was transformed in 2 steps into: "verbalize it with systems theory details know-how"

More poems, less effort!

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keywords: semantic-PHP-generative-text_manipulation-poetry-
category: artistic tool/narrative
uploaded by cubo, 24 Mar 2006

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