Jan Robert Leegte

In this work I’m taking a sidestep from the research of the physical experiences in most of my work. On the other hand this work also is very much set up as a sculpture opposing to a painting. The work is basically about experiencing space. But because of the non-descriptive quality of colour (as also in sound and music) in comparison to physical material it doesn’t allow you to get a grip on the space. The work has an added puzzling effect as the locations seen on the left always give you the location in two-dimensional colour-fields. This way you never really are able to locate yourself. With the effect to let the viewer wander and wander and get soaked in colour.

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keywords: interactive-interface-intuitive-philosophical-aesthetics-
visual-installation-spatial software for the Internet
category: conceptual software
uploaded by leegte, 05 Nov 2004

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