programmed paintings
Denis Santelli

A set of “programmed paintings” where a vocabulary of elaborate plastic forms is animated through an open set of programming rules. This “transformation grammar” allows for a deliberate part of accidents, while taking inspiration from modern scientific models (auto-organizational systems).

Each tableau programmé is interactive and reacts to the viewer’s movements. Motion capture is deeply imbedded within the work’s rules and conception.

Furthermore, all paintings are both global and local, always linked through the Internet and communicating with each other all around the world. This means the attitude of a single viewer has direct repercussions upon what she, or all other viewers of other works, are seeing and experiencing at the same time.

Tableaux programmés is a testimony to the individual/collective dialectics of natural forces, to the increasingly global perspective Science is casting upon our world — and to the necessary bond which must perdure between Art and Science.

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keywords: interactive-simulation-decorative-design-aesthetics-
network-scientific-ecological-painting software for the Internet
category: generative art/algorithmic design
uploaded by Denis, 02 Mar 2007

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