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discomus.exe, Anonymous
Tempest for Eliza, Erik Thiele
34 North 118 West, Jeremy Hight Jeff Knowlton Naomi Spellman
Symphony for dot matrix printers, [The User] Thaddeus Thomas
PawSense, BitBoost Systems
Programming with a Paintbrush, Richard Wright
SineClock, Douglas Irving Repetto
dot_matrix_synth, Paul Slocum
Movie Mincer, Sergey Teterin
final_adjustment, Aristarkh Chernyshev
Track-The-Trackers---, annina ruest
Coke Gift, Anonymous
Animated processor, Andrei Terechko
programmed paintings, Denis Santelli
What You Got (J hu$tle's Flying Faders Short Mix), Jeff 'JHustle' Yan

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