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TRACK-THE-TRACKERS is a non-pragmatic outdoor computing project: To those who choose to participate, it offers an expanded audible (not a visual!) experience of the proliferation of video surveillance in the urban public sphere.

The mobile unit, the TRACK-THE-TRACKERS--- bag consists of a laptop, a gps-receiver, a generic computer mouse and headphones. The newest surveillance camera data can be downloaded from onto the laptop via Internet. Subsequently, the bag is taken along on an acoustic journey through the urban space. The sound changes whenever the participant moves near a surveillance camera. The participant can also hear the density of surveillance cameras in the wider environs. If the participant comes across a surveillance camera that has not been mapped she/he can mark the location of this surveillance camera audible to others by clicking on the mouse. These collected coordinates can then be uploaded to

The software and hardware setup is messy but documented. The software consisting of a few scripts runs on Linux and requires a few software components like alsa, pd, php and mysql to be installed.

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keywords: speech-PHP-Mapping-hardware-sound-
installation-database software for linux
category: political and activist software/software resistance
uploaded by annina, 25 Jul 2004

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